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Guidelines for Parents

Where is the collection point?

The collection point for the courses is located in Furggstalden. Beginners meet by the “Pinocchio Lift” next to the church.

Is pre-booking required for group courses?

We recommend booking a group course via our website or by e-mail. During peak season it is possible that group courses are fully booked, so try to reserve your place as soon as possible during these times to avoid disappointment. Online bookings are possible up to 3 days prior to course start.

Is it possible to book a certain instructor for a group course?

In general, you can say which instructor you would prefer. For group courses we are however not able to guarantee a specific instructor!

How early should I book a private ski instructor?

The earlier, the better! Some periods or weeks can sell-out quickly, so try to reserve your place as soon as possible during these times to avoid disappointment. Depending on availability, short-notice bookings are also possible. Courses can be booked directly in our office, by phone, by e-mail or online.

How old do children have to be to participate at a course?

We offer ski group courses for children from three years. Experience has shown that children under the age of 3 are too young to be taught easily in a group environment. For these children it is,

however, possible to book a private instructor.
You can also take the first steps on skis with your child in the Kids’ Park without an Instructor. For children from 3-4 years, we offer 1.5 hour Snowli group courses in the morning.
For children from 4 years, we offer a 3-hour group course in the morning.
The minimum age for snowboard lessons is 8 years. Private lessons for younger children are possible upon request.

Can our children join the same group?

Apart from age, performance level is the most important factor when assigning children into the correct group. Should your child or your child's friends be at the same level, please inform the respective instructor on the first day during the group assigning process.
If the children are not at the same skill level, the better skier would have to join a lower skill group to meet the requirements of the weaker child.

How does the group assignment occur?

Many of our guests are repeat guests. Children receive a certificate or a Ski School booklet. First grouping in the office occurs based on the awards received. For those who are at the Swiss Ski School Saas-Almagell for the first time, grouping occurs after oral discussions and estimation of skills, age and language. An on-snow assessment will take place on Monday morning to validate the original assessment. If the assigned group does not seem to be appropriate, you can of course change the group at any time.

How many children are in a group?

For "Snowli" courses there are 3 to 5 children per group. For the remaining courses, our guideline is from 4 to 8 people per instructor.

Is it possible to join a group course for one day only?

Yes, it is possible to join a group for only one day. In order to learn as much as possible, we recommend at least 3 days. Our programme for group courses builds throughout the week (5 days).

Is it possible to make a ‘trial lesson’ day?

Yes, on Mondays it is possible to make a ‘trial lesson’ day. For a ‘trial lesson’ day you pay the daily price. The course can be extended to a full course. The price of the daily ticket will be deducted from the weekly fee. Your place in the group will be secured for the whole week.

Do I have to book the complete 5-day course, or can I book less days?

Our programme for group lessons, progresses over the 5 days, with ski race and prize awarding at the end of the week. In order to achieve the level, it makes sense to participate in all 5 days. It is, however, also possible to book less days!

Is the price different if I book 3 course days, but at the end decide to book another 2 days?

Yes. From an initial course duration of 3 days, the extension days cost CHF 30.- per day per person.
If you book 5 single days of children's course, you pay CHF 264.-. The weekly ticket costs CHF 249.-.

Can I join a course during the week?

In general, grouping is done on Mondays. For advanced skiers it is however possible to join a group during the week (if the maximum number of participants has not been exceeded)! For beginners this is not possible.

Do the course days have to be booked on consecutive days?

The course days should be consecutive, because the other participants continue with the programme and learn something new every day. The best thing is to speak to your instructor.

Will I get my money back if the children don’t like the course?

In general, money is only refunded upon presentation of a doctor's certificate (illness, injury). However, we have several offers (trial lesson day ticket, extension day, ...) in order to reduce the "risk" as much as possible!

Which languages do the instructors speak?

Our group lessons are offered in German, French and English. Depending on availability, Dutch, Italian and Spanish are also possible. For private lessons, we also offer Russian and Croatian. Our childminders speak German, English and French.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Twint, Reka-Checks, Reka-Card and cash (Swiss Francs and Euros)

What is the Saastalcard?

The SaastalCard is a guest card, which you receive from your apartment host or the hotel reception. Holders of the SaastalCard enjoy numerous reductions in different businesses in the entire Saas Valley like cable cars, indoor pool, parking garage, and more. Importantly: you must present the SaastalCard in order to receive these reductions!

Further information:  SaastalCard (

Is the lift pass included in the ski course?

No, the lift pass is not included in the course fee. Children from 6 years require a valid lift-pass.

The lift-pass prices are available here:  Saas-Almagell (

Do beginners need a lift-pass?

All skiers/snowboarders undertaking lessons on the “Pinocchio Lift” do so without the need for a lift-pass. At the point the lessons progress to the other slopes, a lift-pass will be required for all persons 6 years and older.

Where can I purchase a lift-pass?

The lift pass can be purchased at the ticket office situated by the chairlift.

Is the equipment included in the ski course fee?

No, the equipment is not included in the course fee. It can be rented from any of the numerous sports shops found in the valley.

Is there a ski rental at the ski school or do you collaborate with a sports shop?

No. The Ski School does not have a ski rental shop. There are two sports shops in Saas-Almagell. We have a good cooperation with all of them, but there are no special reductions for ski course guests. Ask at your accommodation for possible reductions on ski rental fees as many have agreements with specific rental shops for reductions on rental equipment. Here you'll find the addresses of the ski rental shops.


With your help, it will be easier for your child to get used to the Ski School.

  • Prepare your child for Ski School, to ensure a relaxing start to the week ahead.
  • Bring your child to the meeting point on time and be punctual when picking your child up.
  • Warm clothes, dry gloves and ski boots, good sunglasses or googles, as well as suncream are especially important.
  • Wearing a helmet is compulsory for under 18s.
  • On the first day, give your child the lesson ticket with your mobile number on it.
  • Please report allergies or health restrictions to the instructor at the start of the first lesson.
  • Trust the Ski Instructor. They are experienced in helping your child to get acquainted with the group environment, the equipment and the snow.
  • Leave your child alone with the Ski Instructor during the course time. You are welcome to watch from the distance.  
  • It is the responsibility of course participants to hold accident and liability insurance.


Information, reservation and ticket sales in the Ski School Office in the village square.

Please read our T&Cs and notes about rates and courses.